Yang Xiao Long (Hunter Version) after Bouguereau
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Final work

Yang Xiao Long - Painting Process and Composition

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Close-Up 1

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Close-Up 2

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Reference - Original from W. A. Bouguereau

Yang Xiao Long (Hunter Version) after Bouguereau

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And the final painting and character of Team RWBY as a Bouguereau inceptionism.

I was asked if I would do the other teams as well, but actually research and the time for each painting took so long, I'm not sure if that is going to happen - but never say never. If there would be a decent interest (and more patrons) why not?
Below is the original Bouguereau painting for reference:

Attached to this post you will be able to see / download a process video to see composition details of the original painting and how I altered the composition to build upon that and create a new - matching composition out of that.

In the original, William Bouguereau showcased what I assume to be a knack for having dark hair vanish into the background. You see that very often in his works. So exchanging the dark, shorter tied hair in favor for blonde long hair was definitely a bold move but intended.

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