Weiß Schnee - P.A.C - Inceptionism
Oliver wetter weissschnee2 final web

Final Version

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2019 04 04 um 20 14 18

Close Up

Oliver wetter ophelia pierre auguste cot

Ophelia by Pierre Auguste Cot

Weiß Schnee - P.A.C - Inceptionism

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Finally a new RWBY-piece, Weiß Schnee!
Yay, felt like it took ages to finish this one.
It is an inceptionism / homage to Pierre Auguste Cot's Ophelia, who holds a book in her hand in the original version.
I took some artistic license to stick to the lighting and pose while incorporating the modern anime character with her weapon - Myrtenaster.

It was definitely a lot of fun to paint her and it is always a treat to learn from the old masters - it is like a personal mentoring session.

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