Oliver wetter menk work landscape wallpaper

The Menk - final Illustration

The Menk: Creature Design in Zbrush + Keyshot

Oliver wetter menk work landscape final2

Menk Environment process GIF

Oliver wetter menk landscape comp1 2 small

Keyshot rendering + PS composite

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2017 01 19 um 15 23 54

Keyshot renderings

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2017 01 16 um 08 17 49

Zbrush BPR

Oliver wetter mk sketch concepts small

Menk Concept drawings

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2017 01 19 um 23 35 13

Basic Composite in Portrait mode

The Menk: Creepy Creature Design in Zbrush, Keyshot and PS

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This creature design-commission for Ren Garcia and the League of Elder was a lot of fun to do.
Since it was a commission I am not able to forward any hi-res files except for an HD-wallpaper, a development video from slides and a turntable view of the Zbrush model - attached to this post on my patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/7981904

The ztool for zbrush will be available for $10 patrons at the beginning of March 2017.

If you want to see the whole process, this article covers quite the complete creation of the creature design including the matte painting around the creature:


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Thanks for watching and your support, my patrons are the best!

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