Oliver wetter wallpaper of robots in pine forest after shishkin ars fantasio 2018

Wallpaper version

Robots playing in a Pine Forest - or - Bullet with Butterfly Wings - after Shishkin

Another new artwork which was released last weekend at Comic Con!
This time inspired from Nier Automata. I really liked the idea of the robots imitating human behavior and I found this landscape from Ivan Shishkin to be the perfect background and general inspiration for this little scenery.

In Shishkins work, originally there are 4 bears playing in the woods which I have replaced by 4 robots.
I was actually in doubt if it would not distract too much from the original meaning, but then I decided it "should" lift the work to a complete new meaning and it makes the whole scene look as if it was always meant to look that way.

This is the core of the hand-painted-Inceptionism as I envision it; to grab something that everyone knows and create a new surprising connection that bears also a new meaning to the viewer.
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