Android Legacy / A mechanical romance
Oliver wetter android legacy mechanical romance final small

Mechanical Romance

Oliver wetter step 01 screen

WIP Shot 1

Oliver wetter boxout 100 alchemy

Back design pattern done in Alchemy

Oliver wetter step 08 relighting

WIP Shot 2

Oliver wetter step 10 rough2

WIP Shot 3

Oliver wetter step 18 led lights close

WIP Shot 4

AP Workshop Cyborg Virtual Bodypainting / Effect Process (excerpt)

Android Legacy / A mechanical romance


A workshop piece I did for Advanced Photoshop Magazine / Imagine Publishing.
The model was a given Stock photograph, the workshop shows how this is done using alchemy for design development and how to harness the Toyo Colorfinder swatches and a simple round brush to do this kind of virtual body painting ;)

You can find my personal unedited PDF version of the Workshop here:!AopgJHsR5pmm0jylUcA4B1UcyvAE

Advanced Photoshop Magazine is no more, but with a little luck you can find the issue #100 with this article in it either online or on ebay as print.


More artwork
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