A Kaiju Evening at the Juniata
Thomas moran the juniata a kaiju evening  1864 final wallpaper
A Kaiju Evening at the Juniata

I did only paint the Kaiju in Photoshop from scratch, not the whole Landscape!

The landscape is a painting from Thomas Moran from 1864 - check out his amazing works: www.thomas-moran.org/
Actually the intention behind this is to learn from the old masters, what better way of studying them while getting in the image and paint something that is not there?

Honestly, I learned so much more from this painting than a 2 weeks stay at the Louvre would probably ever do. Especially in terms of appreciating the techniques of the masters and learning to emulate them digitally - a priceless exercise!

My aim was to make the creature to be believable in the situation, rather than corresponding, I wanted it to look like it was painted by Moran - still way to learn but I´m quite happy with the result of this approach so far.

Here´s a process-sheet from the development of the creature:

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