Android Legacy - Messenger II / III
Oliver wetter full version al messenger3 ig

New work 2018 Edit

Oliver wetter the messenger2 9 medium kopie

Old Work

Oliver wetter version comp

Version detail comparison

Oliver wetter animation messenger2

Process Slide of the initial piece / 2012

Android Legacy - Messenger II / III


This one is an older piece from April 2012, a work that I did for German Advanced Photoshop Magazine / der bildbearbeiter. The article was a 6 page spread about how to create the "Android Legacy-look".

The images were used with permission from Stock resources and were a given for this tutorials as the magazine was about image-editing ;)

On my blog I have an walkthrough and more info to each image, you can have a look if you feel so inclined:

The article (in German) goes more into detail about how to create the tubes from brushes and how to create the deign on top of a photograph. Unfortunately the magazine is not available anymore and the screengrab of the index is the only thing I could find:P

Thanks for looking,

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