Horizon Zero Dawn - Coming Home
Horizon Zero Dawn - Coming Home

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New Landscape Inceptionism painting.

The piece was based on a landscape from Wilhelm Leu 1860 and the Tallneck is painted in a way Ian McQue would do. I could barely keep myself from adding floating ships to it but I was close enough to do that ;)

Finally I settled for the concept of having a rusty Tallneck converted into a cozy home on top of his head. I find the view upon that landscape from the head must be a bliss. What do you think?

I was asked by many if I would ever consider to do a #hzd inspired piece and actually I wondered why I should do that because the art is so perfect, so beautiful and with this piece I wanted to bring something to the table that got a reminiscence to the game but at the same time isn't part of the game (yet).

So who knows, maybe this is stuff for a second game. Who wants a sequel?

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