Android Legacy :: Synesthesia
Oliver wetter android legacy synesthesia wallpaper final

AL :: Synesthesia - Wallpaper version

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W.I.P. Screenshot

Android Legacy :: Synesthesia


Long time no talk, today I got to upload the finished version of my recent android-pinup-piece.
I liked the concept of synesthesia and found it would be a nice idea to picture that with a robot or rather how a robot feels. Initiated was this piece by a commission that was cancelled before it even started, but I liked the idea of a robot-lady wearing headphones and listening to music so much that I did that for myself.

The Screenshot shows a different background and for a long time I wanted to keep this background, and it really blocked me from finishing this piece.

In the end I did what I always do and throw everything away and start from scratch, which in my opinion, was the best I could do.

Some credits:

Model/inspiration: Miss Mosh
Background: created in Mandelbulb3d

I hope you like,


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